What Does Coconut Oil Do For Your Hair?

Even ages ago, people already saw the worth of coconut oil. One of them is its use as a treatment for hair. They used coconut oil to treat damaged hair or just to simply improve the condition.

what does coconut oil do for your hair

Coconut, or Cocos nucifera, is a fruit that is known to be very beneficial to humans. From its shell to its oil, everything about the fruit has its own uses. The oil, however, is most widely used compared to the others. It can either be taken internally or applied to the skin and hair.

Even ages ago, people already saw the worth of coconut oil. One of them is its use as a treatment for hair. They used the coconut oil to treat damaged hair or just to simply improve the condition of their hair.

Since coconut oil is considered as a beautifying agent for people, here are some useful ways of coconut oil for the hair.

Use Coconut Oil as Conditioner

True enough, the hair has its own natural oils to keep it moisturized. But there will always be days where the hair will lose those natural oils and will eventually look and feel dull and dry, here people use conditioners to help moisturize their hair. However, there is a better and more natural way in keeping the hair moisturized, and that is using coconut oil as a conditioner.

The things you’ll be needing for this hair treatment are the following: a comb, shower cap or small towel (to keep your hair while doing the treatment), two bowls (one smaller than the other), and a bottle of organic virgin coconut oil.

After preparing everything mentioned, you are now ready to start with your hair conditioning treatment. Just follow the following basic steps:

First. Be sure to wash your hair before starting the treatment. After washing it with shampoo, completely dry off.

Second. Set the two bowls on a table. Partially fill the larger bowl with hot water, then in the smaller bowl you put an amount of organic virgin coconut oil enough to cover your hair. After that, place the smaller bowl in the larger bowl, enough to submerge the smaller bowl. Try mixing the coconut oil with your comb to help with its melting. Also be sure that the water is not getting in the smaller bowl.

Third. Once the coconut oil has completely melted and is already in room temperature, you start applying it on your hair. Evenly spread the oil from your scalp to the roots. Gently massage your hair and use your comb to completely cover every strand with the oil. Do this for a few minutes.

Fourth. After applying the oil all over your hair, get the shower cap or small towel to cover your hair. Let it hold in for thirty minutes to an hour. Or you can actually let it stay longer for a more refreshing result.

Fifth. After waiting for an hour, remove the shower cap or small towel, then start cleaning your hair with shampoo to remove the oil.

You can also add a little amount of coconut oil after all the steps to give your hair extra shine.

Use Coconut Oil as Dandruff Treatment

Most of the time, even dandruff shampoos don’t work when removing dandruff anymore. Do not fret because there is a better, natural alternative in removing those itchy flakes off your hair. Just follow these steps daily for an itchy-free hair.

First. Again, be sure that you washed your hair before doing any treatment. Be sure to completely dry off after washing.

Second. Prepare the things to be used. A comb, the same two bowls (one smaller than the other), shower cap or small towel, and your very trusty bottle of organic virgin coconut oil.

Third. Here you’ll do the same with the conditioning treatment. Use the two bowls and hot water to melt the coconut oil.

Fourth. Apply the oil on your hair, more importantly on your scalp. Evenly distribute and massage the oil to your scalp for a few minutes.

Fifth. Use the shower cap or a small towel to keep your hair. Be sure that it is tightly sealed, since you’ll be leaving this on your hair overnight.

When you wake up, immediately wash your hair. You can use a certain epsom salt treatment to completely clean off even the excess dead skin cells from your scalp.

Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

A lot of people these days are having issues with their hair. Whether it be hair fall, dandruff, and many others, but slow growth no doubt is one of them.

Women are mostly the ones who desire longer and fuller hair. But not all hairs are the same. Some can naturally grow fast by itself, while the other some just tend to stay at the same length. In this case, coconut oil can help.

First. Wash your hair using natural shampoo. Dry it well afterwards.

Second. Prepare all the necessary items needed. A comb, two bowls (one smaller than the other), shower cap or small towel, and a bottle of virgin coconut oil.

Third. Start melting your coconut oil using the two bowls. Partially fill the larger one with hot water, then place the smaller bowl in, slightly submerged in water. Remember to put a certain amount of coconut oil on the smaller bowl.

Fourth. When the oil is completely warm, you can start applying it on your hair. Put most of the oil on your scalp, since that is where the hair follicles are. Massage for a few minutes. And use your comb to distribute the oil to the hair strands.

Fifth. Place your hair in a shower cap or small towel, completely sealed. You’ll be sleeping with this in your hair overnight.

After all the steps mentioned, wash your hair thoroughly when you wake up. Do this everyday for better results.

Coconut oil, just like the coconut where it’s derived from, is absolutely a miracle and a blessing at the same time. Mentioned are just a few of the beneficial uses of coconut oil for the hair, there are still more that this wonder oil can do.


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