Tips On How To Prevent Skin Aging And Wrinkles Naturally

Anti-aging can be done naturally without surgical procedures and strong chemicals. That includes how to prevent skin aging and wrinkles naturally. Some options include wearing sunscreen, drinking water, sleeping enough, and face/body exercises.

What are the best anti-aging methods for healthy skin? There are various options including how to prevent skin aging and wrinkles naturally. Some of the popular ways to deal with aging’s effects on skin can be expensive and cause unwanted side-effects. They include cosmetic surgery and prescription medicines like tablets and injections. The problem with these options is that they can have a high price tag. you might also think the pain/discomfort caused isn’t worth it. Another approach is to prevent the signs of aging before they start. It can help to save you time, effort, and money—which are in short supply in the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

It’s been said the first step to solving a problem is to define it. There are various factors that can cause premature aging that affects the skin. They include genetics, air pollution, smoking, and stress. in many situations, you can simply make tweaks to your day-to-day life to reduce the signs of aging. Sometimes the steps are as easy as knowing the best times to go outdoors to avoid strong UV rays. Fun Fact: The hottest times during the day are from 11 AM to 2 PM. In some cases, it’s more about what not to do instead of what to do.

What Really Causes Skin Aging?

This is the big question to address before taking up ways to prevent signs of skin aging. It starts out with things we can’t change. For example, based on your birth date you’ll be X years old this year. Even if you take steps to slow down the aging process, we start aging the day we’re born.

Another factor we can’t change is genetics. It turns out the environment seems to have a bigger effect on health than “good/bad” genes. However, they’re still a factor. If one or both of your parents seemed to age slowly or quickly then there’s a higher chance, you’ll do the same.

The normal aging process affects our bodies in different ways. For example, your body will start producing less of the protein known as “collagen.” This makes up nearly one-third of all protein, and 80% of human skin.

The aging process causes people’s bodies to produce fewer collagen proteins. This can cause the skin to become rougher and duller. Another protein the body starts making less of is known as “elastin.” As the name suggests this helps to make skin stretchy. So, when your body has less elastic your skin will likely become looser and won’t “bounce back” as it did before.

Then there are many environmental factors that can speed up the aging process in terms of skin health. They include ones like:

  • Hot/Cold weather
  • High-stress levels
  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking/alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Dehydration
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Air pollution

All these factors can cause prevent your skin from looking young and lively. It’s important to take steps to protect your skin from environmental factors that can cause issues like dry skin, fine lines, and eye bags.

On the other hand, certain factors like high stress or sleep deprivation can cause the aging process to go into high gear. these factors are critical about how fast your body/brain age.

How to Prevent Skin Aging and Wrinkles Naturally

1. Drink milk

If you’re not a fan then go with other dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Milk contains many skin-friendly nutrients like protein, healthy fat, and calcium. In fact, dairy is a “complete protein” so you get all the amino acids required from food and supplements.

2. Don’t over-wash your face

Many skin experts recommend washing your face a few times every day. There are various reasons. One of the main ones is if you wash too much it can cause different issues. They include losing oils and irritation from constantly scrubbing your face. Make sure to add a moisturizer after washing to add back moisture and oils.

3. Use a quality cleanser/moisturizer

These are important to make sure your face stays clean/moisturized gently. Look for all-natural products so your skin won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals. Some key ingredients include aloe vera, papaya, coconut oil, and other natural ones.

4. Don’t use the same facial expressions

This might be a surprising one. Yes, smiling or frowning too much can cause wrinkles in your skin. That’s because they basically get plastered into your skin cells. There are other ways this can happen. If you always drink from a straw or smoke cigarettes/e-cigarettes this can cause fine lines from the pursing lips.

5. Drink 3L of water daily

Forget about the 8 glasses of water per day. If your cup/glass is 8 ounce that’s only about 2 liters. Studies show you should drink 3 liters to get full anti-aging benefits.

6. Eat a balanced diet

This one probably isn’t surprising but is still worth noting. Make sure you’re getting lots of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics (good germs). Forget about eating the latest and greatest superfood. Make sure you’re daily consuming a small amount of several healthy foods.

More Natural Ways to Prevent Skin Aging

  1. Eat/Take your vitamins: Make sure you’re getting enough of Vitamins A to K. Should you consider supplements? Food is always the best source of nutrients but you could take a multivitamin, for example, if you want to make sure you’re getting enough. in terms of anti-aging make sure you’re getting lots of Vitamins/antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, D, and E.
  2. Place your computer screen at eye-level: Here’s why. When you keep looking down at the monitor it can cause a crease to form on your face. There are other benefits eye-level displays provide including avoiding neck issues.
  3. Consume more calcium: This is especially important as we age because our bodies don’t absorb the mineral as well. Milk, yogurt, broccoli, spinach, and sardines are all good sources. Calcium is important for strong teeth and bones and can also benefit the skin.
  4. Treat eye bags and under-eye dark circles: These are caused by different factors but lack of sleep is one of the main ones. If you’ve ever seen cucumber slices on their eyes it might be surprised it actually works. Another easy fix is to simply get enough sleep at night.
  5. Drink green tea: This is arguably the healthiest kind of tea available. It’s the highest in antioxidants and contains many plant-based chemical compounds. Other options like herbal teas are also helpful but there’s no doubt that green tea is the best option for anti-aging properties.
  6. Don’t sleep face-down: This might seem like an odd way to prevent skin aging. However, it turns out it’s not the best method. A better option is to sleep on your back. Even sleeping on your side isn’t wise because it causes the same problem of your face getting cramped in the pillow so this is another tip on how to prevent skin aging and wrinkles naturally.

What Causes Skin Aging

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