Minoxidil Aging Skin Side Effects: Let’s Debunk The Myths

Minoxidil aging skin side effects have been exaggerated by several myths and this has to dissuade people from getting to use such a good product. This article explores the minoxidil topical solution, the considerations to be put in place before using it and also its side effects.

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One of the signs of aging is hair loss or hair thinning and there are several products that have been developed to curb these signs. Minoxidil is one of such. There are several myths surrounding the minoxidil aging scalp-skin care product. Some of the myths associated with minoxidil include that it inhibits the generation of collagen and can cause wrinkles on the face. It is also said to cause dark eyes and of course, these myths have explanations to drive home its point but the truth is that most of the myths are based on the misinformed or wrong use of this product.

Debunking these myths entails presenting minoxidil the proper way and that is the focus of this article. Minoxidil is not a 100% perfect product as none other is so there are bound to be both pros and cons of using it. The cons occur mostly as a result of not knowing how or when to use this product. There are certain considerations to be put into place before applying minoxidil. Admittedly there is not enough research conducted on this product yet but from the information at hand, we can say that it is safe to use as long as its instructions are followed.

Considerations Before Using Minoxidil

You should consider the following before using minoxidil aging product or any other cream for that matter.

  • Allergies – Let your doctor know if you are allergic or have demonstrated any unusual reaction to the medicine. Also let your doctor know about any other allergies you have like food allergies, eye allergies, animals or preservatives. If the product is not prescribed then make sure to go through its label or ingredients carefully before purchasing it.
  • Geriatric – To date, there are no appropriate studies to show problems that are specific to geriatrics and would restrict the effectiveness of topically applied minoxidil in the older ones. Studies have however shown that this medicine is more effective in the hair loss of younger patients. This medicine is yet to be studied in people above the age of sixty-five years.
  • Pregnancy – The effect of minoxidil in women with pregnancy is not yet known but animal studies revealed that this drug has an unfavorable effect.
  • Breastfeeding – From the available studies, there is a suggested minimal risk of this medication to infants if mothers apply it during breastfeeding.
  • Drug interactions – Although there are specific medicines that should never be administered at the same time, there are some other medicines that can be used simultaneously irrespective of the interaction that might occur. If this happens then your doctor is most likely to change your dose or give any other necessary precautions. This is why it is important to let your healthcare provider know if you are currently on any other medication.
  • Other interactions – There are some medications that are not to be used around or at the time when you are eating some specific food as interactions may take place. Using tobacco or alcohol with some medicines can also trigger interactions. Give your healthcare provider all the needed info.
  • Medical problems – Medical problems like skin problems, heart diseases, hypertension may affect the function of minoxidil. Irritation on the scalp or sunburn may cause excess absorption of topical minoxidil into your body and this can increase the risk of the associated side effects of minoxidil.

Proper Use of Minoxidil

Just like every other medicine minoxidil comes with its own patient instruction. You have to read the instructions thoroughly and carefully. This medicine has to be used as instructed, do not apply more than directed or more frequently than the doctor directed. Doing so may heighten the probability of this medicine to be absorbed into your skin. This is the same reason why you should not use minoxidil on other body parts. If minoxidil is absorbed into your skin it can affect the blood vessels and heart causing unwanted side effects.

Avoid using any other products on the same area of your skin where you are applying the minoxidil. Hair permanents, hair relaxing and hair coloring may still be used at the same time with your minoxidil therapy but the scalp must first be washed before applying any of these.

Here is how you can apply the minoxidil solution;

  1. Make sure that your scalp and hair are totally dry before making use of this solution.
  2. Use the prescribed amount on the affected scalp area starting from the center region.
  3. Do not wash your hair until four hours after using minoxidil.
  4. Make sure that your hands are washed immediately after application.
  5. Do not dry your scalp with a hairdryer after making use of this solution as this may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
  6. Let the minoxidil dry completely for about two to four hours after this treatment whether you are going to bed or not. Minoxidil solution can stain hats, bed linen or clothing if it is not completely dry.

Potential Side Effect Of Minoxidil

Minoxidil solution is not exempted from having side effects. These things may not occur but if it happens to occur then you would need to seek medical attention. The side effects include;

  • Skin rash or itching
  • Acne at the application site
  • Scalp burning
  • Hair growth on the face
  • Increased loss of hair
  • Soreness or inflammation at the hair root
  • Red skin
  • Face swelling

The following are signs that excess of this solution is being absorbed into your body;

  • Blurred vision
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fainting
  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Lightheadedness
  • Tingling or numbness of hands
  • Swelling of the hands, face, lower legs or feet
  • Rapid weight gain

Minoxidil aging skin or scalp side effects can be avoided if the solution if used correctly. Also, reporting any noticed signs early can help reduce the severity of the side effects.

How to apply minoxidil solution and potential side effects

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