L Pill: What Type Of Pill Is It?

Medicinal pills contain chemicals that can alter the way your body works. That is why sick people take pills. But then, you will be surprised to know that not only sick people use pills. People also use pills to alter certain bodily functions, such as inducing labor. Sometimes, it looks as if the number of

L Pills

Medicinal pills contain chemicals that can alter the way your body works. That is why sick people take pills. But then, you will be surprised to know that not only sick people use pills. People also use pills to alter certain bodily functions, such as inducing labor. Sometimes, it looks as if the number of pills in the works has outstripped the number of diseases. It’s quite hard to keep a tab of every pill. Even doctors have to check and update their knowledge from time to time. Well, we have one such pill in focus today – the L Pill. This is an anti-ulcer drug that is legally available for terminating pregnancies and inducing labor, among other functions. Doctors can legally prescribe them, and pharmacies can stock and dispense them too.

The L-Pill works like prostaglandin. It has anti-ulcer and some oxytocin-like properties too. You might wonder, what is prostaglandin? It is one of the natural substances that your body normally produces. And what does it do? It reduces the secretion of gastric juice and protects the inner walls of your stomach. However, you must be careful to follow medical advice if you’re taking this pill. It can also induce labor and terminate pregnancies. You may also experience some mild side effects after taking it. They include stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. These may last for a few days. So don’t panic. Do you wish to know more about this pill? Read on.

L Pill 600-MCG Tablet – What Does It Do?

The 600-MCG L pill tablet is a very effective antiulcer drug. It prevents stomach acid secretion. Primarily, doctors prescribe it to prevent ulcers; mostly those caused by non-steroidal pain drugs. But it can help treat other forms of ulcer too, as well as other beneficial effects.

Let’s see the different effects of this tablet:

  1. Treats NSAID-induced ulcers: This pill can not only treat ulcers but it can also help prevent them. You can use it with your NSAIDs to prevent ulcers if you know you are prone already (maybe due to family history). Examples of ulcer-causing NSAIDs include ibuprofen, diclofenac, and so on.
  2. Treatment of duodenal ulcer: You can use this pill to relieve duodenal ulcer symptoms. It also has preventive benefits. Duodenal ulcer refers to an ulcer in the uppermost parts of your small intestine.
  3. Treating gastric ulcers: The tablet also prevents and relieves symptoms of gastric ulcers. This type of ulcer often occurs in the stomach’s food pipe.
  4. For cervical ripening: This means that L Pill can help relax and soften a woman’s cervix. Do you wonder why this could be beneficial? It can help to prepare your cervix before labor contractions begin.
  5. For inducing labor: This tablet can also be used for pregnant women to trigger labor contractions.
  6. Arresting postpartum bleeding: After the delivery of a baby, bleeding may not stop on time. This pill is one of the options that doctors often prescribe to help arrest post-delivery bleeding.
  7. Abortion: The L Pill can also be used for aborting a pregnancy. But this is only prescribed for pregnancies of 49 days (or less) gestational age. You would have to use it with some other medications if your goal is abortion. More so, this requires medical supervision.

L-Pill Kit (200 MCG) – What Does It Do?

This Kit contains two 2 medicines, Misoprostol and Mifepristone. These two are used for medically terminating pregnancies. In this kit, you will find 5 tablets. There are one Mifepristone tablet and 4 Misoprostol tablets.

Medically, this kit is only prescribed for terminating pregnancies that are still within sixty-three (63) days of gestational age. No trained doctor would prescribe this kit for anyone whose pregnancy is already more than 10 weeks.

Let’s talk about the 2 medicines in the kit. We’ll start with Mifepristone. This is a synthetic steroidal drug that you take by mouth. It’s best to swallow it with water. What does Mifepristone do? It would interfere with progesterone secretion and that, in turn, leads to abortion.

How about Misoprostol? This one is a synthetic (made in the lab) prostaglandin. It softens up the cervix (relaxes it) and causes the uterus to contract. This, in turn, causes the uterus to empty its contents. You can administer Misoprostol either orally or vaginally.

So this kit essentially blocks progesterone effects. It binds to progesterone receptors and sensitizes the uterine linings. This would then trigger contractions and bleeding. Aside from this, it also inhibits cortisol effects at specific receptors.

This is how to use the kit. You would take the only Mifepristone tablet. You will then follow with 4 Misoprostol tablets after 1 to 3 days. But if your doctor gives a different instruction, please follow what he or she says.

This pill has other uses. But you should avoid it for any of those uses if you’re a pregnant woman. You know why already. It may abort your pregnancy.

General Warnings

  1. Excessive bleeding: This is more common in those who have used the pill to abort a pregnancy. If you notice that you’re bleeding excessively, get immediate medical attention. More so, that’s why you should not use it if you have (or are prone to having) severe anemia.
  2. Uterine rupture: Some studies say that this case can sometimes cause uterine rupture. This often occurs in cases where it stimulates excessive uterine contraction. It is more likely to happen when it is used to induce labor. That is why special caution must be taken for older patients (late thirties or older). The uterus of a person in this age category is likely to be already fragile.
  3. Diarrhea: This medicine might also cause diarrhea. So you should not use it alongside any laxative.
  4. Pregnant women: Pregnant women should avoid L-pill as much as possible. Even for inducing labor, it should only be a last resort. It may cause serious complications.
  5. Special precaution with grapefruit juice: Grapefruit juice, especially in large quantities might modify the pill’s effects. So you should avoid it if you are using this pill.

Now, you know what type of pill the L pill is. You also know its functions and the precautions to take if you are using it.

L Pill

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