Is Estrogen A Steroid Based Hormone?

Hormones are these chemical messengers found to be secreted into our bloodstream and are carried off to our different body organs and tissues so that they may perform their functions and purposes.

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Men and women do not tend to grow up and experience puberty in the same way. Men have one main right of passage depending on their culture and how they view circumcision but that perhaps is the only main right of passage. When young boys turn into a man, they undergo several changes in puberty. Their once sweet and squeaky voice becomes deep and their adam’s apple is more pronounced than before. They grow body hair almost everywhere. Their body buffs up and become bigger while they get an incredible boost in height. When young girls turn into young ladies, they too change but it is a different story than that of young men. Young girls will start by having their menstrual periods which kicks off a myriad of physical changes. Their bodies will slowly start to have that hourglass shape as opposed to a childlike body. Breasts go from flat to at least a bump. Their voices also change a little. Calves on each leg become more visible. Loss of weight or weight gain may also kick in. The appearance of pubic hair and hair on the armpits come with puberty too. All these changes come forth because of sex hormones called Testosterone for young men and Estrogen and Progesterone for young ladies.

What Are Hormones?

According to experts, hormones are these chemical messengers found to be secreted into our bloodstream and are carried off to our different body organs and tissues so that they may perform their functions and purposes. These hormones may be part of food metabolism, growth and development, sexual and reproductive functions, and cognitive abilities and functions. These bodily hormones are secreted by our pineal gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, thyroid gland, thymus gland, testes, ovaries, and pituitary gland. All secreted hormones are regulated by these particular glands because excess and deficiency could mean an illness or abnormality could arise.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are what experts are calling synthetic drugs that are made to look like the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a naturally produced hormone by our body specifically in our adrenal glands. Steroids have been a common term used to denote corticosteroids. These corticosteroids were designed to mimic naturally-produced and occurring hormones in our bodies. They are often used to reduce inflammation inside the body. Corticosteroids are, however, different from the anabolic steroids which most of the body-builders and athletes are using. Though steroids were created to better the health of an individual there are still side effects that can be as mild as appetite gain and as extreme as bruising easily and heartburns.

What are Steroid Hormones?

Now when we talk about steroid hormones, experts state that these are naturally occurring hormones in our body that belong to a particular class of what they call chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are called steroids. They are secreted by what doctors call steroid glands namely, the testes, ovaries, and the adrenal cortex. These steroid glands produce steroid hormones that are derived from cholesterol and are shot right through to the bloodstream, ready to do their part in keeping in check some physiological functions of the body.

Meet Lady Estrogen

Estrogen is a sex hormone produced by women’s ovaries, the adrenal gland, and even by fat cells. Estrogen is one of two sex hormones produced by the female body. Is estrogen a steroid? It is a steroid hormone because it is part of the number of hormones produced by then what we call steroid glands. Surprisingly estrogen is a collective term used to denote several hormones that are chemically the same and these are estradiol, estriol, and estrone. It is the prime mover of the different changes young ladies experience in puberty, both the primary and secondary sex characteristics of females. Experts detail out that Estrogen is responsible for sexual characteristics for young ladies turning into young women. Estrogen plays an important role at the onset of a young ladies’ menstruation and a regular role in regulating ladies’ menstrual cycles. Estrogen plays a part in pregnancy, particularly estriol which is believed to be responsible for milk production and breast enlargement. Unbelievably, estrogen is found to be a factor with bone growth and rebuilding along with vitamin D. As women grow older their estrogen levels become lower up to the point of their premenopausal period which makes women more prone to brittle bones and osteoporosis. Estrogen is not limited to the female gender though. Men also produce estrogen in their testes and adrenal glands. Estrogen in men secreted at higher levels does something with their sperm count, some experts say that it lowers their count.

Estrogen imbalance: Signs and Symptoms

What happens though if there is an imbalance of the hormone estrogen. How do women know that they are already experiencing an imbalance with their estrogen levels? These are but a few of the signs or changes in your body that you should be wary of. Irritability, fatigue, and mood swings. When you feel so tired and irritable about the smallest things, this might be a sign that you have an estrogen imbalance. Bloating, palpitations, hair loss, and uncontrollable blood sugar. When you grave too much sweet, feel like you ate and look like a cow when on the contrary you hardly touched your food. When you lose too much hair by brushing your hair with your hand and frequent palpitations can mean a hormonal imbalance for you. Imbalance can also affect your sex drive because it affects your ovulation. Menopause is also a great sign of imbalances in our estrogen levels. Though not all should be blamed on the imbalance of your estrogen levels as some signs may just be coincidental or may mean something else rather than a hormonal imbalance. But if you strongly feel like it is because of your estrogen imbalance, then go see a professional doctor help you maintain a healthier you.

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