Green Tea: Is Green Tea Really Good For You?

Green tea is universally accepted as a healthy drink. It has researches and medical journals that back it up the assumptions of it being healthy.

green tea

Green tea is an unfermented leaf that is originally from Japan and China. It has flourished into a multimillion business since the British people have adopted it as their staple drink. This unfermented leaves is quite bitter and is light green. It leaves a pretty calming and relaxing note in your drink and has tons of benefits that you will be discovering below as you progress in this article.

Few Things to Know About Green Tea

Green tea is universally accepted as a healthy drink. It has researches and medical journals that back it up the assumptions of it being healthy. There is a powder version of green tea that is widely used now – “Matcha”. It is such a popular form of green tea because it is quite concentrated and can be infused in almost any types of dishes, pastry, shakes, juices, desserts, and so on and so forth. It has the same health benefits as green tea.

Green tea is not considered as medicine though. It does not singlehandedly cure certain diseases too. Individuals still need a doctor’s intervention and proper medicine to cure the pinpoint problem of the disease. Green tea is just a complement, a healthy drink in which can also give positive effects on the body. Backed with a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet, green tea is going to help a lot in your body’s health.

Green tea has catechins on it. This property gives green to the character of antioxidant. Meaning, it can fight off free radicals roaming around your environment and in your body. Antioxidants prevent cancerous cells from popping up and prevents cell damage. Green tea that is unrefined and unprocessed introduces more catechins in your drink.

What Does the Research Tell Us

Green tea is generally good for the cardiovascular system. It helps balance out your blood pressure by lowering it if you have high blood pressure. It also improves the flow of the blood in your veins. Plus, it helps prevent heart-related ailments and issues.

Loaded with Nutrients

Indeed. Green Tea is such a popular health drink since most of its compounds are healthy and organic. It is loaded with lots and lots of nutrients and antioxidants that some might call it the “powerful gentle drink”. It is rich in polyphenols and catechins, antioxidants that help in the cultivation of good cells. The tea has also minerals in it which is essential for a healthy growing body.

Helps with Brain Functions

Green tea is generally healthy for the cardiovascular system. What’s healthy for our cardio is usually healthy for our brain. Why is this so? Our brain is an interconnected web of nerves, blood vessels and so on and so forth. A healthy brain involves a healthy blood flow in its blood vessels. The domino effect of good blood circulation affects the brain. Thus, affecting how our brains work. The resulting output is, people with great blood circulation system has a healthy functioning brain that supports their hectic lifestyle or is just comparatively more healthy. It can prevent certain diseases of the brain too.

Improves Blood Sugar Level

Green tea is a good drink for people who have diabetes or has any sugar level-related diseases. In fact, matcha or green tea is a great alternative for sugar. It relatively has low calories when compared to other refined sugar.  It also helps in lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol that might have adverse effects in your cardiovascular system.

Good for Cell Growth

Green tea is good for our cells and their development. However, researches about topics whether green tea is good for the cells or not is considered confusing. Some research attests to the possibility of green tea in curing cancerous cells and some research tells us that green tea has no significant effect at all to these cancerous cells. The mixed conclusions of these researches are just logical in this way since no one really knows how to cure cancer in a safe, nondestructive and absolute way. Certainly, green tea helps in the cultivation of cells in all stages but it has no solid facts to back up its cancer-curing effects.

Helps Relieve Stress

Green tea is an absolute favorite for people who want to escape stress for a while. Dip a green tea pouch in a hot water, stir it well and sip. Soon enough you will feel calm and relieved from stress. The calming effect of hot water and the aroma of green tea all works together to help you relax. There is a property called theanine that is found in green tea, which helps its stress-relieving character.

Gets Rid of Bacteria

Green is also good in curing people with infections. The antioxidant catechins help get rid of bacteria and inhibit the viruses in your respiratory system. Catechins also help in overall dental health since green tea is good in getting rid of bacteria in your mouth. Since bacteria in your mouth is lessened, plaque, tooth decay, and cavities can be prevented. It also helps in lessening bad breath. Most commercialized products of breath mints include green tea as their primary agent in diffusing bad breath.

Aids in Weight Loss

Green tea is good for digestion and increases the metabolic rate in your stomach. It just makes sense that it can lower your risk of obesity too. Studies have been conducted that shows the potency of green tea in getting rid of body fats especially fats in your abdominal area. Though green tea alone is not a potent cure for cutting off weight, it can be of great help. You just have to complement it with a healthy lifestyle by infusing physical exercises, a healthy diet, and generally living a proactive life.

May Boost Life Longevity

Just to set things right. Green Tea alone is not responsible for persons who live longer than most people. However, we cannot help but conclude that it does help in lengthening life since it helps lower your risk of cancer and rid you from diseases related to your cardiovascular system. Studies also lightly linked the longevity of the Japanese lives because of their habitual drinking of green tea.

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