GNC Menopause Supplement: Womens Ultra Mega Menopause Vitapak Program

GNC menopause supplement is a part of its Vitapak Program. It’s designed to treat menopause symptoms like hot flashes & night sweats. It’s high in nutrients including Vitamin D3.

GNC Menopause Supplement

GNC menopause supplement contains healthy ingredients like fish oil and soybean, which are considered superfoods. Ultra Mega Menopause is also high in Vitamin D, which is important for strong bones and teeth. GNC has 80+ years of experience in the dietary supplement industry.

Is it safe to use?

The main ingredients are Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Black Cohosh Root Extract, and Soy. Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats that are needed in everyday diet. Omega-3 offers benefits for skin, hair, heart, and brain.

Soybeans are one of the few plant-based complete proteins. They’re high in protein, vitamins/minerals, and fiber. It’s also a good protein source for vegans/vegetarians who don’t consume any animal products.


A. What time of day should it be taken?

You can take this supplement anytime during the day. However, it’s generally more convenient to take it at the same time every day. This will help to prevent you from forgetting to take the supplement. So if you take your vitamins in the morning, for example, you could take this supplement at that time.

B. How long does it take to kick in?

Dietary supplements tend to be absorbed within a few hours. The process is faster than digesting food, which can take up to 48 hours in the case of some meat. This is a plus since you can start experiencing the benefits of the GNC menopause supplement soon after taking it.

C. How many can you take in a day?

This product is designed to be taken daily. So the product is designed to last about one full month since there are 30 packets. This provides convenience since you won’t have to keep buying this product every week. This can save time, effort, and money.

What are the side effects if any?

Customers might have an allergic reaction to the various ingredients including fish oil, primrose oil, black cohosh root, and soy. The soybean is most likely to cause side-effects since it’s one of the most common triggers of food allergies. However, likely, customers won’t have any problems with the ingredients.

What are the benefits?

1. Vitamin D

This product is high in Vitamin D, which is a critical vitamin for healthy bones/teeth. This can help to prevent tooth decay and osteoporosis. This is critical to help promote good health. Vitamin D is high in various foods like dairy products and fish with soft bones.

2. Fish Oil

Fatty fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical for various body functions. Health experts recommend eating a high ratio of good/bad fats. Omega-3s can provide several health benefits for skin, hair, etc.

3. Soybeans

This product also includes soy, which is loaded with various nutrients like protein and fiber. Soybeans are a complete protein, which is rare among plant-based food. This means it contains all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) required from food/supplements.

4. Packets

This product is packaged in 30 convenient packets. This provides all the tablets you need for an entire day. It includes different kinds of pills to provide good nutrition for menopausal women. This is easier than buying individual supplements like fish oil or soy protein.

5. Experience

GNC has 80+ years of industry experience producing dietary supplements. This provides experience over other company’s like startups and off/generic brands. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is part of the company’s high-end customer service.

6. Menopause-focused

This product is designed for menopausal women. So it’s different than taking various pills used to provide various benefits. They include fish oil supplements, protein powder, etc. This product includes 30 packets so it can last for a full month.

The product is also designed to deal with certain issues related to menopause. They include night sweats and hot flashes. These are some of the common menopause symptoms that women must deal with.

7. Guarantee

This product has a 30-day money-back guarantee like all GNC products. This provides extra value. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product or service you can return it for a full refund. Not all products offer this guarantee so it’s a plus you get from GNC. It helps to protect your investment.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

This product is in the under-$45 price range. Since there are 30 packets the price/packet is $1.50. In terms of the price/unit, it’s not too high since it’s designed specifically for menopausal women. This adds value to the product. In terms of value, the product offers good value since it’s specially-designed for menopause patients.

Company Information

  • Company Address: 300 Sixth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • Phone Number: (412) 288-4600
  • Website:

B. Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

GNC offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This helps to protect your investment since you can always get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with the purchase. You take no risk by purchasing because you can get a full refund in case you’re not fully satisfied.

Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

  • Well-established company
  • Treats hot flashes/night sweats
  • 30 packets
  • Designed for menopause
  • High in Vitamin D

B. 5 negative reviews

  • Expensive price
  • Some pills work better than others
  • Menopause symptoms might continue
  • Many pills to take
  • Might not work

Where to buy

GNC was founded in 1935, so it has 80+ years of industry experience. You can purchase this product at various drugstores and health food stores. Make sure to call a local store to find out if they carry GNC products since there’s a chance they might not.

You can also purchase the GNC menopause supplement at the company’s website. This provides convenience, like online retailers. The supplement is also available at online retailers like Amazon. This provides benefits since you can shop using your PC/Mac or mobile device. This provides more convenience since you won’t have to go to a brick & mortar store.

Link to the product page:

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