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Follicle Thought is a website that features news about hair growth treatment. If you want to learn more about hair growth it’s an excellent resource to check out. You can learn about research on ingredients.

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Hair grows about 0.5 millimeters per day, which works out to about 0.5 inches per month. Researchers are constantly running tests on different substances to find the best ingredients for hair growth products. They can help to boost hair growth while reducing hair loss. While it’s normal for humans to lose 100+ hairs per day, it’s important to promote hair growth, so you’re boosting hair growth. Once we’re born, there are no new hair follicles. So it’s critical to protect the eons we have by learning about hair growth studies reported by Follicle Thought.

Hair restoration is a big business. It’s valued at over $8.4 billion (2018). While these services can be effective they can also cause unwanted side-effects like pain and discomfort. To battle issues like male pattern baldness, it’s critical to know the best treatments for dealing with hair loss. The main causes of hair loss include genetics, bad nutrition, and high stress. However, more research is needed about the best methods for trying to reverse hair loss and boost hair growth.

How Does Hair Grow?

The haircare industry is big business. Many consumers are looking for the latest remedy to treat dry/damaged hair, hair fall, and other methods to boost hair health. It seems that everyone has a folk/natural remedy to help boost hair growth.

One of the keys to hair growth is to know how hair grows. This is critical information so you’ll know the process that happens. You can then search for the most effective ways to boost hair growth.

One of the keys is the hair structure, which is related to how it goes. The hair follicle is the foundation of the strand that keeps it into the scalp. It’s made of different stuff including the “bulb” that’s located underneath the scalp.

This is one of the most important parts of the hair follicle. It can also affect the speed of hair growth. The hair follicle needs to get enough blood supply to boost hair growth.

Then there’s the hair shaft. This is the part of the hair that we see. While the hair follicle is invisible it’s also important because without it there would be no hair shaft. The shaft is made of keratin proteins. It’s a hard protein that’s also found in other stuff like fingernails/toenails.

When we’re born we have 5 million hair follicles. There’s about 100,000 of them in the scalp and the rest are on the body. While 100,000 might sound like a lot there are lots of hair follicles to replace those strands.

The problem is when your hair fall becomes permanent. That can cause results like receding hairline and bald spots. Even if you don’t experience these results you might experience other factors like dry/thin hair.

When hair grows there are 3 stages in the entire cycle. The stages have fancy terms but are all part of the process.

What in the World Is Follicle Thought?

This website provides the latest news about hair growth treatments. Here are some of the key features:


It’s important to find out about trials that are run for certain ingredients that could be added to hair growth products. Some of the ingredients are well-known ones that many people already know about. However, in other situations, the trials involve innovative ingredients that haven’t been approved by organizations like the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

If you’re looking for the latest studies about new ingredients for hair growth then the results of these studies are critical. They can help you determine which products you’ll select when buying future haircare products.


This is related to the business side of the hair regrowth industry. For example, sometimes certain haircare companies will merge with others. This has become more common in recent decades as many companies have joined forces with others to provide benefits like new/improved products.

It’s important to know about major merges for different reasons. It could result in hair growth products improving when the merger combines the knowledge and experience of multiple companies. This is a key process in R&D and can result in better products.


It’s one thing to get data from trials on hair growth ingredients. However, it’s also critical to have an understanding of what it all means. The analysis can help to break down the trial’s results. That, in turn, can help to determine whether or not a certain ingredient is worth considering for your company’s products, for example.

The raw data from studies might be difficult to sift through. This is especially true if you have limited knowledge about hair growth processes. In that situation, it’s practical to visit Follicle Thought for a breakdown about trial results.

Top Hair Growth Ingredients


This ingredient is included in many haircare/skincare products. It’s not traditional dairy butter. It’s instead made from the nuts of the shea tree, which was originally an African tree. Shea butter is chock-full of healthy fatty acids that can add lots of moisture to your hair.

Shea butter can provide several benefits to your hair. They include healthy fat so it’s a good option if you have dry hair. It’s also good for thickening thinning hair if it’s a problem you have. The best part is shea butter is natural so there’s less chance of unwanted side-effects like strong chemicals.


You can find some products that include olive oil. We usually think of this product for cooking/baking. However, it can also provide other benefits for skincare/haircare. That’s because it’s high in healthy fat that can help to moisturize your hair.

You can get the best results from extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). This is the least processed type so it also provides the most benefits. This is one of the best ingredients added to skin care products in terms of adding moisture and nutrients to the human body’s largest organ.


This is one of the best essential oils if you’re looking for an ingredient to help thicken hair. This is the real deal and not candy flavoring.


This oil is well-known for thickening hair, which is a big plus if you want to increase your stands’ growth. Castor oil has several chemical compounds that can help nourish hair. That includes fatty acids and Vitamin E. Omega fatty acids are essential amino acids (EAAs). In other words, they’re needed from outside sources since the body doesn’t produce them.

You could add a castor oil product to your hair nightly for thicker hair. It can help to gradually make your hair fuller and might be featured at follicle thought.

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