Evening Primrose Oil and Its Benefits to Women’s Health

Evening primrose oil is one of the natural or herbal wonders that is becoming popular nowadays. It comes in supplements and other beauty products as it shows a lot of promise in boosting our skin health. Let us learn more about the benefits that women get from EPO.

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Hailed as a cure for many health conditions and symptoms, evening primrose oil is becoming more and more popular as the days go by. Available in different forms, liquid or even in capsule, it is famous for its beauty benefits. The oil comes from the extracts from a wildflower described to be small and yellow in color that is often seen in Asia, Europe, and North America.


Health Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

One of the things present in the evening primrose oil that makes it really helpful to us is the gamma-linolenic acid. This acid is one of the healthy fatty acids that provide us with a lot of benefits. Many people who love using natural or herbal remedies for medical conditions are familiar with how this oil works its way to improve women’s health. Its benefits have made the product become in demand for beauty products and health supplements.

In addition to beauty benefits, the oil also helps manage and improve several diseases like indigestion and sore throats. Let us explore more about this wonder oil and learn about its women’s health benefits.

EPO Helps Alleviate Acne

For some people, acne is something that does not warrant going to the dermatologist or seek any form of medical help. To others, acne affects the way they see themselves. Nowadays, many women turn to evening primrose oil to address their acne woes.

Clinical research done in 2014 found the potential of EPO in managing cheilitis. It is a medical condition characterized by lips inflammation and pain due to the intake of isotretinoin.

How does EPO help women who are having challenges with acne? Another clinical study indicated that taking supplements with EPO and gamma-linolenic acid lessens the appearance of noninflammatory as well as inflammatory acne. Many health experts believe that the oil works by retaining the skin moisture, thus, preventing inflammation.

EPO May Boost Overall Skin Care

A study was done in 2005 to assess the effectiveness of the evening primrose oil. Based on the results, clinical researchers concluded that the oil shows promise in improving the skin’s moisture, elasticity, fatigue resistance as well as firmness. Researchers also promoted the use of oral supplements containing EPO because it can support skin function.

Manages Eczema

Eczema is one of the prominent skin conditions in many countries across the world. With its prevalence, a lot of researchers took on the task of studying different natural remedies that we can use to manage and alleviate eczema.

Systematic research found how the GLA in this oil can boost the structure and function of our epidermis. Researchers concluded that taking at least one and at most four every day for three months can help treat eczema.

Goodbye Premenstrual Syndrome! Hello EPO!

Another benefit that women can get from using supplements with EPO is that it shows promise in eliminating symptoms associated with the premenstrual syndrome. Among these are bloating,

irritability as well as depression. Many clinical studies found that the GLA in evening primrose oil becomes prostaglandin E1 when taken. Researchers found that this substance is the one responsible for hindering prolactin which triggers PMS.

Counter Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the menopausal signs. Many women hate going through menopause as having hot flashes gives a feeling of discomfort. Recent research has supported the claim that the evening primrose oil can reduce the occurrence as well as the severity of hot flashes. In this study, researchers indicated that taking 500 mg of supplements with EPO two times a day for 1.5 months can lessen the severity and frequency of hot flashes. When this happens, many clinical professionals agree that women can have better social relations, sexuality, and quality of life.

Breast Pain

Many women experience breast pain before or during the menstrual period. Although it is tolerable, it still gives a feeling of discomfort to most women. Researchers looked for a way to relieve this discomfort in 2010. In the study, they discovered that the oil is effective in inhibiting prostaglandins and inflammation, which cause pain. They concluded that taking EPO along with vitamin E for half a year is helpful in lessening cyclical breast pain severity.

Good for the Heart

Aside from the beauty benefits that we can get from evening primrose oil, it also helps enhance the heart health of patients. A study was done to prove the claim above. Based on research done in 2014, EPO can improve the health of our heart by reducing the bad cholesterol in our blood. Although it shows promise in improving heart health, it is still best to take supplements with EPO under the advice or recommendation of a doctor. This will ensure that EPO will not have any side effects with the other treatments that a heart patient is taking.

Bone Pain

As we grow old, our bones weaken. Many adults experience and complain about the pain that they experience due to rheumatoid arthritis. This medical condition is a chronic disorder caused by inflammation in the bones. How does EPO help people who are suffering from this bone condition? Several researchers gathered in 2011 and launched a review of the different benefits from EPO. They concluded that it is the GLA in the oil that effectively acts in reducing bone pain associated with arthritis. What is really helpful about their findings is that,

EPO and Nerve Pain

Diabetes is another medical condition that is becoming prevalent in many countries. One of the complications of this condition is peripheral neuropathy that comes with nerve pain. Several health experts agree that EPO with linolenic acid is effective in lessening the occurrence of neuropathy symptoms. These include body weakness, tingling, numbness as well as cold and hot sensitivity.

With all the benefits that EPO offers to us, I believe that it can really support and improve our health. As long as we use them with the supervision of our doctor, then we can maximize the health benefits from evening primrose oil.

Health Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

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