What Are Eucalyptus Sheets? What Are The Best Brands?

Eucalyptus sheets or bedding is a new trend when it comes to the textile industry. It comes from the Eucalyptus tree and it is now gaining attention as an ethical source, eco-friendly clothing, and sheet in the fabric industry.

Eucalyptus Bedsheet

We now have many options to go for environment-friendly products, and one way to amp up your advocacy to be environmentally conscious are these eucalyptus sheets. We bet this is the first time that you have ever heard about this as eucalyptus sheets or linens are not as popular as cotton or bamboo sheets. Some patrons of these products say that eucalyptus sheets are underappreciated when it comes to being a choice for home and bedroom improvement.

Did you know that these products are already gaining popularity, and are now being a new choice for environmentally conscious buyers? If you search for it online, you will see countless reviews and praises about how these sheets are changing the way on how you view linens and bathroom essentials.

According to those who have already tried using it, the eucalyptus sheets are as close to being satin, and right after using it, you would experience like you are always on the coolest side of the pillow, and it’s a good start, right? If you are a follower of trends and new things online, eucalyptus trees are the new bomb as the oil, and the wood pulp from eucalyptus plants are now being used in various products such as household cleaners and even running shoes. Manufacturers and those who develop these products say that the plant is also a great alternative and sustainable substitute for popular textiles such as cotton. Eucalyptus sheets are one of the new products coming out, and it’s claiming to be pesticide-free as well as breathable and smoother than cotton.

What are the Eucalyptus Sheets?

Eucalyptus sheets or bedding is a new trend when it comes to the textile industry. It comes from the Eucalyptus tree, and it is now gaining attention as an ethical source, eco-friendly clothing, and sheet in the fabric industry. The good thing about eucalyptus is that it has been uprooted and not cut so that there could be an avenue for continued growth, making these sheets an effective and viable option for getting environment-friendly and quality beddings and sheets.

Every raw product needs to be transformed first before it arrives at its fullest potential. The eucalyptus is first processed using the Lyocell process, which transforms it into a soft fiber. It has an advanced and closed-loop process that utilizes a solvent to transform the wooden pulp. One thing to note is that the solvent that’s used in the process of converting eucalyptus to fabric is being reused so it reduces the wastage of water and also protects the environment.

Despite all this positive feedbacks, some people would still choose other cloth products than eucalyptus cloth. It is because it is not yet known to them, but you should also be reminded that unlike other cloths, the ones made from eucalyptus are surprisingly strong. It does not tear easily making it perfect for going through ordinary techniques in washing. Are you not convinced yet?

Here are some benefits that you can get from using the eucalyptus sheet.

  1. Soft and Comfortable: Sleep is essential, and you deserve the best! Eucalyptus sheets are made from silky and soft fibers that are not easily wrinkled or rumpled. It also has a cooling effect, so it’s good for those who have very sensitive skin.
  2. Free from harsh chemicals: One thing to look out for when it comes to our everyday essentials is to be assured that it does not contain toxic chemicals. And a great thing to note about these eucalyptus sheets is that the only chemical used is amine oxide which is the solvent used in making the wood pulp refined. It’s non-toxic and the solvent is being recycled; used and reused so it’s devoid of any harsh chemicals.
  3. Durable: One uncommon fact is that eucalyptus sheets are capable of lasting longer than bamboo and cotton sheets and cloth since the eucalyptus fiber is stronger than any cloth compared.
  4. Dust resistant: And oh, it’s resistant to mold and dust- plus, they combat congestion and repel insects! With all these factors, you are sure to get the best quality of sleep you deserve.
  5. Better Sleep Quality: Sleep impacts our overall health. Eucalyptus sheets are antimicrobial and antibacterial. You’d be assured that nothing will bother you when you’re getting your precious zzz’s.
  6. Self-regulating: The eucalyptus cloth is hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture fast since it’s made from highly breathable fibers. No more humid nights and stuffy sheets!
  7. Environment-Friendly: With all the global environmental issues we are making, people are now making wise choices when it comes to taking care of the environment and by choosing eucalyptus sheets, you are sustaining the environment’s resources.

Eucalyptus Sheets Best Brands

We now know how eucalyptus sheets can be beneficial and if you are not convinced yet, you may want to revisit the whys. But if you are already on the boat where you’re planning to buy one, we have collated a list of the best eucalyptus sheet products that you can find. Scroll below to find your eucalyptus treasures.

  • DTY Bedding 4-Piece Tencel Lyocell Sheet Set: It has a 90- days return free period and has 320 counts of thread. It’s also good for those with sensitive skin.
  • Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets: The product claims to be 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell. With its 400 thread counts, it’s perfect for all seasons!
  • JSD Tencel Sheets: If in case you are not impressed with its comfortable and soft 300 counts of fiber, you can return it within 30 days upon purchase.
  • Exquisitely Lavish Temperature Regulated Bedding: Made for those with sensitive skin, this bedding has deep pocket sets that are 100% fibers from Lyocell Tencel.
  • Eucalyptus Origins Tencel Lyocell Sheets: With its control capabilities and unique moisture, you are sure to grab this 600 Lyocell thread for your bedroom beddings.

Buying Guide

Eucalyptus sheets are now growing in popularity and you might get lost in a sea of manufacturers and designs. It’s also a bit pricey so it’s best to know what factors you should consider in buying the sheets for you and your family.

1. Thread Count

The more counts of the thread are disclosed in a product, the softer and durable it is. A 300 onwards thread count could be the perfect sheet for you.

2. Size

Make sure it’s the perfect size for your mattress. Otherwise, your shopping for the best would be forfeited.

3. Warranty

Some companies offer desirable return policies so choose them. So that if you are not happy with the quality of the sheets you bought, you can always have the liberty to return it.

We must admit that eucalyptus sheets are a bit pricey compared to other fabrics and cloth but it is worth the try. With its many benefits and eco-friendly branding, it’s best suited for your conscious choice of taking care of your overall sleep wellness as well as caring for the environment.

Best Brands and Benefits Of Eucalyptus Sheet

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