Estrogen Dominance Test: Understanding The Result

In a woman’s body, two main hormones have to do with certain things that happen in the body. And these two hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Many conditions have to do with imbalances in these hormones. And one of these conditions happens to be estrogen dominance. This happens when the level of estrogen in the

Blood Sample For Estrogen Dominance test

In a woman’s body, two main hormones have to do with certain things that happen in the body. And these two hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Many conditions have to do with imbalances in these hormones. And one of these conditions happens to be estrogen dominance. This happens when the level of estrogen in the body is relatively higher than the level of progesterone in the body. Many symptoms come with this condition and we will be looking at some of them later on. One thing that is important to do is an estrogen dominance test once you experience certain symptoms. With this test, you will be able to confirm if you have estrogen dominance or not.

Tests generally have been one of the backbones of medicine for a long time now. All thanks to tests physicians have been able to tell whether a person has a condition or not. Sometimes, the tests are just supportive tests for the diagnosis, and for some tests they are definitive. For the definitive test, a positive result would imply that the patient has the condition. So let’s just take a look at how this test is carried out and some of the important things you need to take note of if you want to do this test.

Estrogen Dominance

This is a condition wherein there is an imbalance in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. Usually, this is one condition that comes with a lot of symptoms. And it is commonly seen among young women.

The symptoms are depression, headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, breast tenderness, difficulty concentrating, bloating, irregular periods, decreased sex drive, and increased PMS symptoms.

Usually, the symptoms that come with estrogen dominance differ from person to person. And it is dependent on the level of severity that comes with the condition. Well, the symptoms can be indicative of some other health conditions, That’s why proper diagnosis is very important.

Let’s briefly explain some of the symptoms that come with estrogen dominance.

  • Depression: For people that have this condition there are times that they experience certain emotions that can be quite extreme. And this is usually around the menstrual period. It could be before or after the period.
  • Headaches: For people that have increases in estrogen they usually experience migraines. And this is usually connected in a way to the menstrual period.
  • Hot flashes: This is one thing that is usually seen in menopausal women. This can also show that the levels of estrogen in the body are high, especially when it happens after your periods.
  • Weight gain: One thing that usually comes with imbalances in hormones is weight gain. And this is something that is frequently seen in people with estrogen dominance.
  • Insomnia: This isn’t much of a surprise since hormones have something to do with your sleep and wake cycle. And with these patients that have too high estrogen and too low progesterone experience insomnia.

When it comes to estrogen dominance doing a baseline test is important in really finding out if the patient has estrogen dominance or not.

Estrogen Dominance Test

In doing this test 3 saliva samples are gotten. And these three are used to measure levels of progesterone and estradiol. This is a test that is recommended by the WHO to determine the hormone levels in women. Usually this test checks for the morning values of these hormones. The purpose of the hormone is to help the doctor and you know the ratio of the main hormones. This would help identify the condition.

Usually, the test is done on the day that matches the time for the collection of samples. For patients that have gum diseases, a saliva test should not be done. When collecting the sample as well try as much as you can to avoid contaminants as the test is very sensitive. If possible put on gloves while collecting the sample.

There are different time requirements for different situations and they must be collected on different time schedules.

  • If you have regular menstruation it should be collected on the 19th-21st day of the cycle.
  • If you have irregular menstruation it should be 5 days before the expected date for menstruation
  • If there is no menstruation at all then it should be every day of the month
  • For people taking contraceptives of a 21-day cycle and a 7-day pause, it should be taken within the first 2 weeks
  • It should be collected every day of the month for people taking contraceptives on a long term basis

48 hours before you get the needed sample make sure you don’t take use any hormonal creams or gels. And within 12-24 hours, there should be no ingestion of any tab or capsule. Also, don’t consume alcohol. And any animal product must be consumed 12 hours before collection of the sample.

When going to submit the sample, don’t brush. Don’t take onions, chocolate, garlic, egg, milk, and many other products. Also, caffeinated beverages should be avoided. Also, smoking is not allowed before the collection.

Estrogen Dominance

Understanding The Result

The test result would indicate the hormone being tested, the level of the hormone in the body, the reference range, and the result. There’s a column for the analyte. It could be either estradiol or progesterone. Then there is a column for your result. Then included there is the reference range for different phases and types. And the reference range applies to more than 95% of people that do the test. Then there is a graph that would help determine whether you are too low or too high.

Normal estradiol levels for a woman is 15-350 pg/mL. While the normal estrone level is 17-200 pg/mL. This will be the reference range with which your doctor will determine if there is any problem.

Your doctor would explain the interpretation of your result and also tell you the next step. But knowing how to read the result is also very good as it would help you have an idea of what exactly is wrong. Make sure that you adhere strictly to whatever the doctor says. That’s the only way you can reduce the symptoms and get a lot better.

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