Uses Of Estriol, Side Effects And Safety

Estriol is the main type of estrogen and is produced naturally during pregnancy. It’s important to know information like uses, estriol side effects, and safety.

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Are you considering estrogen supplements? If so then one of the options is the main form estriol. Fun Fact: Nuts, soy, and fruits are among the highest plant-based estrogen foods. If you’re considering estriol supplements it’s important to know factors like uses, benefits, and side-effects. This can help to determine whether or not it’s a good option for you. In some situations, it might be more practical to take another supplement. However, it’s all about getting the facts so you can choose wisely. There are three main kinds of estrogen so it’s critical to decide which one is right for your particular wants and needs based on issues like estriol side effects.

Estriol is taken for various functions like MS but the most common one is menopause symptoms. When women near the end of their reproductive years this results in drops in hormones like estrogen. There are various ways to deal with lower levels like plant-based estrogen. Another popular method is dietary supplements. This is an easy way to boost your estrogen levels since the supplements only contain estrogen. That said, like other supplements, it’s important to know the pros and cons of taking the supplements, and other issues to help you get the best results.

What Exactly Is Estriol?

In recent years the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been cracking down on the use of the natural estrogen known as estriol. This therapy is used to reduce menopause symptoms and treaIt’sndition MS.

This is also the safest kind of estrogen since it can protect against the negative effects of stronger estrogens. This form has been recognized for decades as a safe form of the female hormone. In fact, it’s quite rare for such substances to be removed from the market when there’s no proof it’s toxic.

However, it turns out the main issue was the development of estriol products from one particular manufacturer. There were questions about whether the company was putting profits before patients.

However, many studies show that products like estriol supplements can be very beneficial for different applications. This is a natural estrogen that’s the main one produced during pregnancy. These natural supplements are much safer than products with synthetic estrogens.

As always it’s still important to pick reliable manufacturers and products. However, since estriol is a natural form of estrogen it’s generally a better option than synthetic versions. You should still review a particular product to determine whether it’s both safe and effective.

Estriol is one of the three major natural estrogens. The hormones are often prescribed to boost the body’s levels of the hormones. Estriol is the weakest/safest among the three types. The main difference is it’s not sold as a prescription drug. The irony is that the other kids are sold as prescription drugs but also contain synthetic ingredients.

Meanwhile, studies show that estriol is very safe. In fact, during pregnancy, a woman’s levels increase 1000x. This shows how safe it is since it doesn’t cause any negative effects during pregnancy. So it’s clear that low doses are safe for women.

Estriol: Uses and Benefits


This is one of the main benefits of natural estrogen. As mentioned a woman’s levels spike 1000x during pregnancy. Interestingly, this form of estrogen doesn’t require a prescription versus the other two. It shows that it’s much safer versus the other kinds.

You should still research different products. This can help to determine whether a particular product is a good option. However, besides that estriol is a good option if you’re searching for an effective estrogen source.


This is the life stage when a woman doesn’t have menstrual cycles for 12 months. There’s a pre, intra, and post-menopausal stage. Pre-menopausal symptoms can last up to 5 years or so. There are different symptoms.

However, the most common cause is a drop in hormones including estrogen. This can cause various side-effects like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Since the main cause of the situation is a drop in hormones you can deal with it by boosting your hormone intake.

There are different ways but one of the most effective ones is through dietary supplements. Since estriol is a natural estrogen there’s a lower risk of side-effects compared to the other main estrogen types.

As always it’s important to talk to your doctor about whether or not estriol is a good option for you. You should also make sure to discuss issues like dosage, side-effects, and “interactions” caused when combined with other supplements/medicines.

Multiple Sclerosis

This is an immune system disorder that causes the body to attack healthy cells. This results from several problems that involve links between the brain and body. MS patients often experience symptoms that improve then return.

Studies show that estriol can help to protect the central nervous system (CNS) during pregnancy. This happens by connecting to estrogen receptors located in the brain/spinal cord. It’s believed this can reduce MS episodes.

Estriol: Side-Effects

  • Breast conditions: This includes ones like breast cancer. However, it’s worth noting that it’s unclear if estriol products increase the risk of conditions like non-cancerous/cancerous breast growth. If you observe any new growths during self-examination you should inform your doctor.
  • Interactions: There also seem to be some interactions between estriol and prescription meds. This includes ingredients like certain enzymes and herbs like St. John’s Wort. However, more research is needed. Before starting any new medicine you should inform your doctor about any meds you’re taking. This can help to determine if there are any interactions.
  • Breast pain: This is one of the side-effects that women might experience after applying estriol creams. It’s worth noting that not all patients experience it. However, if you do you should report it to your doctor so he/she can guide you about what steps to take. Another related issue is lower breast milk production. It’s another situation you might experience after using estriol products. However, like breast pain, this one isn’t always experienced by patients so it’s important to observe if you do.
  • Mild discomfort: This is one of the main side-effects experienced by patients who use estriol creams. The discomfort happens in the area close to where it’s applied. It’s worth noting that the discomfort is usually mild. You should still contact your doctor if you experience this situation.

This might involve the doctor prescribing a different product or treatment. It can help to lower the chance of estriol side effects.

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