Do Females Have Testosterone?

Do females have testosterone? Read on to know if it’s produced by women and all there is to know about testosterone.

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Do females have testosterone? This is a common question posed as to the hormones produced by women. And to answer it straight, yes. Well, not as much as men produce but yes, women also produce testosterone.

Testosterones are male hormones categorized as androgens but it is produced in more amounts in men because it is responsible for several reproductive changes in a male’s body. Did you also know that almost everything that we feel and do is affected by hormones? Yes, that is right. It’s because hormones are considered the chemical messengers in the body and it sends out information to various cell parts on what to do. So do not be surprised if there is a sudden burst of irritability or other abrupt emotion splurging out. Our hormones have a lot to do with it.

Estrogen is directly from women while testosterone is from men. These are directly connected to sex hormones. Each hormone plays an important role in a female or male body in the maintenance, growth, and reproduction of the body. It’s important to remember that an imbalance of hormones in a body could lead to serious health problems that’s why harmony from all hormones produced in the body must always be observed and noticed. Do females have testosterone? Yes, but in smaller quantities. What then are its uses and what happens if there is too much testosterone in a female’s body? Scroll for more in this article.

Do Females Have Testosterone?

We already know that yes, they do. We must also point out what it does to the female body. So the testosterone produced in women helps with the repair of the reproductive tissues in a female’s body as well as the maintenance of growth. It’s also responsible for the behaviors and emotions of the female species. One thing to note as well is that hormones could affect not only physical factors but also psychological and emotional factors in a woman’s life.

Testosterone in men is reduced as they age and this is the main reason why there is a sudden decline in sexual desire and libido. That’s also the main factor as to why there are testosterone enhancing supplements to address this issue. The same goes for women as they age. Testosterone levels drop and they could also use testosterone enhancing methods- not for the increase of libido- but to boost mood, muscle strength, and bone density.

For a complete list of what testosterone can do for both men and women, here is a simple definition for you. For males, it’s a source of sperm production, hairs in the body and the face, sex drive, bone density, strength and muscle growth, and distribution of fat are just some of its important contributions. While for females, it’s important for vaginal, breast, and bone health. It’s also needed for menstrual regularities and fertility. Can you imagine how hormones run our lives on a day to day basis?

Testosterone Levels in Women

There should be normal levels of testosterone in the body so that functions will not be messed up. But what happens when it is just too high or there is a lack of it? As you may infer, yes, there could be serious health issues. Testosterone levels are measured through a series of blood chemistry tests and for women, normal levels are in a range of 15 to 70 nanograms in a deciliter contained in the blood. If you have lower levels than that of the normal and the average, you can develop some of these below:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Fertility Problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Low Libido and Sex Drive
  • Irregular or missed menstrual cycles

If women are tested and are found to have higher than the normal range of testosterone levels, here are some of the issues you might encounter:

  • PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Acne
  • Obesity
  • Sugar Problems that could lead to diabetes
  • Missed menstruations
  • Hair growth is in excess most especially in the facial area
  • Infertility

Causes and Treatment

Just like anything that you encounter, a balance of everything is the most effective way to achieve the best results and the same goes for hormones. If there are too many or too low testosterone levels in women, there could be something wrong. Doctors advise that if an abnormality in the levels is found, underlying conditions might be the cause of it and it must be checked before it worsens.

Lower Level Of Testosterone

For women with low levels of testosterone, the main cause could be major surgeries such as the removal of a female organ. It could be the uterus or the ovaries. Note that levels of testosterone also decline as women age so there is not much of a worry of underlying conditions for this. Reasons for the low levels could also be because of erectile dysfunction of the female’s sexual partner, relationship issues, depression, and fatigue. Yes, it’s normal for testosterone levels for women to decline but it’s prevented and commonly treated with adequate rest, counseling which could help increase libido naturally, stress releasing techniques, and testosterone therapies.

Higher Levels Of Testosterone

If you have higher levels of testosterone, there could be a possibility that the tumor could grow in the adrenal glands and the ovaries. Treatment is best advised for this because females could develop more masculine traits than women because women are supposed to only produce this hormone in low-level amounts. High levels of testosterone are treated through steroids such as oral contraceptives and metformin. Some foods could help balance out testosterone levels such as vegetable oil, flaxseed, soy, green tea, reishi, licorice root, nuts, and mint. Make sure that you visit and ask your doctor before you decide to take on any medicines and supplements for better guidance and professional advice.


For the final takeaway, do females have testosterone? We will straightly answer that again as a yes. But testosterone in women is converted into estrogen which is responsible for the female characteristics while men leave it generally as testosterone. There should also be balanced and just the right amount of testosterone in the body so that the cells could function the way they should and lifestyle and diet could greatly affect the hormone levels in the body. And remember, it’s best to look for alternatives but it’s discouraged to self-medicate. Visit your doctor for the best professional advice for the health and normal levels of your hormones.

Do Females Have Testosterone?

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