Natural Remedies for Removing Cherry Angiomas

Cherry angiomas are also known as red moles.

Cherry Angiomas Remedies

On first sight, Cherry Angiomas look like little red spots that appear on your body. They appear like little blood droplets that solidified on your skin. The reason for their appearance is this: cherry angiomas are composed of blood vessels that are above your skin. Sometimes, the cherry angioma can be raised. But don’t scratch it! Scratching it will cause it to pop and bleed. And don’t worry, like everything – even Cherry Angiomas have remedies.

Cherry Angiomas are also known as senile angiomas. They also go by another fancy name: the Campbell de Morgan spots. Or in layman’s terms, they’re just known as “red moles”.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cherry Angiomas:

  • Do I have to call my doctor right away?

As far as we’re concerned, Cherry Angiomas are not supposed to be deadly. However, they do appear on the skin and just stay there. They’re often inactive unless poked through physical means. Physical means include: scratching, piercing, popping, and scrubbing with a rough material. However, the moment the cherry angioma changes form: call your doctor.

  • Do I have to remove the Cherry Angiomas?

A wise doctor once said, “if it’s not causing you pain, don’t touch it”. In which for cherry angiomas, this definitely applies. The more you touch the cherry angioma, the more it may bleed. And when it bleeds, that means its cut open and an invitation for every possible bacteria.

However, some people do remove Cherry Angiomas for cosmetic reasons. Visit your trusted dermatologist and he/she will be able to tell you how they can remove it. Some reasons also for removing it may also include the presence of a lesion. When there is, consult your dermatologist so they can rule out other deadly skin diseases.

  • What causes Cherry Angiomas to appear?

Science has often attributed the growth of cherry angiomas is age. This may be due to the breaking down of collagen which forms the skin. Once the collagen starts to break down, blood vessels become more and more visible.

Cherry Angiomas Remedies

Naturally removing Cherry Angiomas may become difficult over time. Especially if Cherry Angiomas are genetic and one is already aging. However, there’s actually no way to stop the cherry angiomas. But, there is a way to prevent the cherry angiomas from growing by improving the health of your skin.

Taking on foods with antioxidants

Foods with antioxidants can remove the oxides that are in your body. These oxides are what cause your cells to age which increase the risk of angiomas appearing. These are often known as free radicals which come from all sorts of sources from stress or even the food that you eat. For foods with antioxidants, some foods include green tea, acai berries, raspberries, and a variety of vegetables.


Now sleeping as a cure may be weird but it does have a scientific back up. Sleeping is part of the body’s circadian rhythms. This is what helps monitor your body should there be any fight or flight situation which is answered through the hormones cortisol or leptin. If you’re increasingly stressed and sleeping up late, cortisol will be released and your body will constantly be in a stressed state. When in a stressed state, your body starts to overwork your cells to achieve the goal your mind is set to. At the same time, sleep allows the metabolism to regulate instead of overworking the other parts of your body.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has acetic acid which is beneficial in cleaning up one’s skin. It also has antibacterial properties which prevent the skin from taking on more free radicals which will cause your skin to age.

Pineapple Juice

There is a reason why one should not eat Pineapples on an empty stomach. Pineapples are extremely acidic to the point they are also considered to have “proteases” which break down proteins down to amino acids. What is also made of proteins? Bacteria. Bacterial DNA is also made of proteins which will immediately break down when they come in contact with Pineapple Juice. Pineapple Juice also has vitamin C which is another antioxidant which stimulates the production of another antioxidant: glutathione.

Tea Tree Oil

Best mixed with olive oil to help be absorbed in the skin. Since Tea Tree Oil is seen to have good results with skin health especially in helping it glow and ageless, Tea Tree Oil can definitely help the lessening of Cherry Angiomas. It also helps in fighting off fungal infections on the skin which can damage it.

Cherry Angiomas Remedies


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