Birth Control Breast Growth Side Effect: Is It Permanent?f

Birth control and breast growth: This side effect in using contraceptives is fairly common as well as all other types of birth control. Is the change permanent? Factors and all there is to know below.

Birth Control Breast Growth

Birth control breast growth side effect is fairly common for those who take hormonal imbalance supplements as well as all other types of birth control. For those who have tried the pill, many have believed that it can cause weight gain. Recent research has not yet found a direct linkage for this, but they have discovered what the birth control pill could do regarding the change in fat storage and body shape in surprising ways.

Weight gain has been the most reported effect of the pill, which contains progesterone and estrogen. We should note that there has been no conclusive evidence yet that this report is real, and this issue has been the largest study there is when it terms to hormone and pill side effects. According to an endocrinologist in Ohio, the belief that the pill gives off a weight gain effect is naturally a human bias. They say that people have become experts in finding patterns and connections around us even if there is none. As noted, the pill or both control pills are widely known as a contraception method for women around the globe. But is the side effect of birth control breast growth your ticket to a permanent change of breast size? Read on to find out.

The Pill and What It Does

We have mentioned above that the pill is a type of contraception. It could also prevent and help unwanted pregnancies and could regulate imbalances in the hormones that are the leading cause of symptoms like PMS, acne, heavy periods, and painful cramps. The birth control pill has been in the health industry for decades already, and science has evolved since it got out of the market. New pills contain lower and fewer amounts of hormones that are synthetic, and this could mean that there could also be fewer side effects. In everything that we do, there is always an effect. It just then differs from whether it would cause us more good than harm.

A woman’s current medical condition, genes, and overall health greatly affect the response of the pill taken, and the way to try out the effect is to try it out on your end. And there is so much more to consider than the possible weight gain it could cause, and birth control breast growth could also be one of those. We have collated some of the benefits and side effects of being on the pill below for you.


  • Decreased pain when on a period and lighter bleeding each menstrual cycle.
  • Very effective as a family planning and could be something that would make you less worried about it. It only has a failure rate of less than 1% when it is being used correctly.
  • It lowers the risk of cancer in the ovaries and uterus and pelvic inflammatory illnesses.
  • You can choose from a variety of pill kids that would better suit your needs.
  • The pill could lessen severe endometriosis as well as fibroid tumors, pain, and PMSing.

Side Effects

It should be taken every day and if you miss it, there is a chance that you can get pregnant. You can use another form of birth control though like the IUD.

  • It may protect you from pregnancy but it will not block and fight against STD or sexually transmitted diseases. Use condoms instead of protection.
  • Pills that contain estrogen could be at a higher risk for heart attack, stroke, and blood clots for women who are smoking, most especially if you are 35 years old and up.
  • The pill could cause vaginal dryness or breast pain. But as mentioned, effects vary from person to person. These side effects may stop or continue.

Birth Control Breast Growth

Birth Control And Breast Growth: Is the Side Effect Permanent?

A birth control pill contains hormones, and yes, it can increase a person’s size of the breast. But we must warn that the effect is temporary and does not usually last that long. The pill contains estrogen which is a hormone that is responsible for the female reproductive organ such as the breast when a girl or woman is in puberty and this is the reason why there is an increase in breast size when on a pill. The hormone levels rise and give way to the breast size increase. The woman’s breast size would then return to normal after a few menstrual cycles and/or right after the pill is stopped.

As you grow in age, the breast size could change because of the changes in the physiological factors in the body such as breastfeeding, menstrual cycle, or pregnancy, but most often than not, it goes back to its normal and regular size after these changes.

The question then boils down to if birth control is safe to be used for the primary use of breast enlargement? Scientists say that while birth control pills are safe, some women could experience side effects that could be unpleasant such as mood swings, blood clots, acne, or migraines. As they say, using something in excess could not be as it is without risks. Consult your doctor for any decisions you might have about this for proper guidance.

Factors that Impact Breast Size

Many things come into play regarding your breast size and while birth control breast growth is one of them, other possible factors could affect the change and the size. The boob could change in size and shape throughout a woman’s life, and we’re left guessing, what determines it anyway?

  • Genes. We know that our family history dictates our height, skin color, and other characteristics, but did you know that it could also affect your breast size?
  • Workout Routine. Have you noticed that when you start lifting weights, your boobs become perkier? Yes, your exercise routine could make or break your breast size.
  • Weight. The breast contains connective and supportive tissues, and those people who have fattier tissue could see some changes in the breast size during a loss or a gain of weight.
  • Period. Yes, apart from those unbearable mood swings, muscle cramps, and PMS, your period could also affect your breast size. It can change the shape, size, and texture of the breast during this period. It then goes back to normal right after

Is birth control breast growth a permanent change? We now know that it is not. And as clear as day, it’s just a result of the increased retention of fluid in the body, and it goes back to normal after a few weeks or cycles. The best advice there is for those who want bigger (or smaller) breasts is to love and accept what you have- or you can also visit your doctor. They might just have the perfect recommendation for you.

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