Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is known as a healing clay. It has amazing benefits that you would least expect. It’s very easy to use and at the same time it’s affordable. This is why many people are raving about this product right now.

Bentonite clay

Who in the world would have imagined that clay would be of any benefit? No one right? It must have been a genius that found this out. The truth is that so many things are embedded in nature that is very useful to us. But the sad part is that we haven’t discovered their uses. Thank goodness someone was able to recognize the amazing benefits of bentonite clay. Bentonite clay over a long period of time has been found to have benefits that would blow your mind away.

When many people hear bentonite clay they aren’t so interested. Well, you can’t blame them. It sounds just like any random clay you can use to mold. But that’s not the case with this clay right here. In terms of health benefits, this is one of the best you would find out there among natural products. Reason being that it’s beneficial to many parts of the body. So if you want to know the amazing benefits bentonite clay can offer to keep reading.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay is actually made up of aged volcanic ash. This ash is called Montmorillonite. What a bogus name right? Well, let’s just leave that aside and concentrate on the main guy here which is the clay. It was actually given that name because its largest deposit is located in Fort Benton, Montana.

Its color varies from grey to cream. This clay is odorless, soft and has a fine consistency. One thing about this clay is that it doesn’t stain. This is why it’s easy to work with when making beauty recipes.

It contains high amounts of minerals such as calcium, sodium, silica, and magnesium. This is the reason why it is known as a healing clay. At the same time, it also helps remove toxins, chemicals, and impurities from the body. This is one reason why bentonite clay is included in many detox products out there.

Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay

With the just the little you’ve read about bentonite clay you can tell it’s very unique. One thing that contributes to its uniqueness is its ability to produce a charge when in contact with a fluid. It carries a very strong negative charge when hydrated and the toxins and chemicals are positively charged. With this, it binds with the chemicals and toxins in the body.

Here’s a list of the amazing benefits that you get with bentonite clay:

Good for Skin Problems

One thing people don’t know is that bentonite clay has amazing effects when it comes to your skin. When mixed with water and applied to the skin it helps to remove the toxins. This is why it’s a good choice for treating cases like eczema and dermatitis. One study showed that when his clay is used with jojoba oil it reduces acne. About 54% of the acne cases would be cured within six weeks if this clay is used.

Improves Digestion

Here’s another interesting fact about this clay people don’t know. It can neutralize harmful microorganisms in your body. And the presence of microorganisms creates digestive problems. So once these microorganisms are gone you can expect indigestion to be over as well.

Provides Minerals

As mentioned earlier bentonite clay contains many minerals. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silicate and sodium are present in this clay. This is why it is known to provide these nutrients to your body. And with that, you can boost your immune system as well. All in all your body would be able to function a lot better.

Remove toxins

This is one of the biggest benefits you get with this clay. It helps to bind to these toxins and helps remove them from the body. It helps to remove toxic metals such as lead, cadmium and also mercury. These are actually metals that accumulate in the body over time from low-quality water and the environment.

Oral health preparation

There are many things that you could use bentonite clay for and here’s a list of them.

  • Clay Mask: This is one common thing that many use bentonite clay for. So if you haven’t tried it out it’s about time. All you need is a tablespoon of clay and a tablespoon of water. Rub it on your face. And then leave it for at least 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. If you want a great result then you can do this once a week.
  • Clay Detox: Here’s another thing you can do with this clay. Just mix a half teaspoon in a glass of water. And then drink it. The good thing is that it’s odorless so you wouldn’t have to worry about any smell. After a while, you can switch to a full teaspoon per day. Just make sure you take it daily for complete detoxification.
  • Oral Health: You could also use this to remineralize your teeth. It binds to germs, toxins and metals well. So you can be sure it would be able to remove all the dirt you want. All you have to do is add the clay on your brush. The texture is very smooth and fine so it wouldn’t cause gum bleeding. If used consistently over a period of time you expect a great outcome.

It’s no longer a bone of contention whether bentonite clay has amazing results or not. But you also have to bear a few things in mind. If taken internally, don’t take until 1 hour after eating. Also, be careful of the brands you buy. Some brands contain lead and this can cause more harm than good. One more thing, don’t let it come in contact with metals. Once in contact with metals, it reduces its effectiveness.

All in all, bentonite clay is definitely a blessing. It comes at an affordable price and still those amazing jobs. This is one reason why the use of this clay is fast rising in our generation. Anyway, if you would end up having this in your home don’t forget the precautions. At the same time make necessary research before finally opting for whatever brand of bentonite clay.

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