Is Barrumundi Good For You?

According to research, some of the proven and tested benefits of Barramundi include weight loss, cancer prevention, diabetes cure, improves eye health, strengthens bones, and a lot more.


Barramundi may come out exotic as it may sound. But although this fish isn’t as common as the others, this fish would definitely be something one would love to eat due to its numerous benefits that are good for the body.

If you are the type who loves to stay in the kitchen and try out different dishes, then Barramundi is surely something that you would want to include in your list.

What is Barramundi?

Derived from the scientific name Lates calcarifer, Barramundi is a type of fish that is known to have originated from the Latidae Family.

This fish is also said to be commonly found in the waters of Northern Australia. Even though this fish is not that common to some, this fish is also considered as an Asian sea bass or the “It’ fish as some would call it, due to the numerous health benefits it has.

Especially for those who are really fond of staying in the kitchen, Barramundi is a perfect choice since it can replace any type of bass in the recipe.

According to some, Barramundi is an epitome of versatility since it also comes with a moderate flavor that you will enjoy and remember.

How does Barramundi taste?

For seafood lovers, Barramundi has been included in their top most favorite dishes. So if you are not really a fan of seafoods, then Barramundi might help change your mind.

What’s making Barramundi a perfect choice for everyone is that it comes with a mild flavor that can surely leave one craving for more. It’s also accompanied with large flakes and a pinkish flesh that also adds up to the more savory look of the fish.

Is Barramundi good for you?

Aside from the appealing appearance it has, this fish also is linked to various health benefits. It’s even known for its high content of minerals and nutrients.

According to research, some of the proven and tested benefits of Barramundi include weight loss, cancer prevention, diabetes cure, improves eye health, strengthens bones, and a lot more.

This is basically why Barramundi is also being recommended by experts not only in the food industry but also those from the medical industry. It is jam-packed with a lot of amazing benefits.

In order to give you a further explanation about the benefits of Barramundi, check out the more detailed list below.

Benefits of Barramundi

1. Keeps bones healthy

Similar to a lot of the available fishes, Barramundi also contains zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and other essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary in keeping the bones healthy.

2. Keeps mercury levels low

Barramundi is said to have low mercury levels – which makes it a safer option for all the seafood lovers. This has become possible since this fish devours on plankton instead of other smaller fishes in the sea.

3. Contributes to weight loss

Yes you’ve read it right – this fish could be an addition to your diet. A lot like salmon, this fish also contains all the essential minerals. This includes the protein that a person who’s trying to lose weight will surely appreciate.

4. Keeps the heart healthy

Just like other fishes, Barramundi also has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. But what’s making this dish more unique, is that it has an impressive balance of both. Having said, this fish could be a great option for those who are trying to balance cholesterol levels. Aside from that, Barramundi is also known to help prevent chances of heart diseases and obesity which could lead to a different type of health concern.

5. Lessens chances of cancer

Due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids present in Barramundi, this fish became a good option in lowering chances or possibilities of an individual to catch cancer. There have also been reports and studies that suggested that omega-3 supplementation together with treatments and therapies for cancer is a good combination in fighting the said illness.

6. Lowers risks of diabetes

This benefit of Barramundi is still being tested to further confirm its positive impact on diabetes. However, due to the high protein content of this fish, experts claim that this fish has the ability to prevent one from having diabetes.

7. Contributes to proper growth

Have you heard about the effects of protein in growth development? Well Barramundi can help prove that. With the good amount of protein found in this fish, it can contribute growth of tissues and at the same time, help repair damaged cells, muscles, and tissues. There could be other sources of protein but compared to red meat sources, protein derived from seafoods is considered more healthier for the body.

8. Keeps the eyes healthy

One of the most essential vitamins needed in promoting a good eye health and vision is vitamin A. Luckily for fish lovers, they could expect a great contribution of Barramundi in their eye health. With the decent amount of vitamin A in Barramundi, you can get rid of the free radicals in the body that may interact with your vision in the long run.


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