Adapalene For Anti Aging:All About Over-the-Counter Differin

If you are into skincare or are a newbie in it, you might have heard about adapalene for anti-aging. There is a handful of over the counter skincare products that promise anti-aging but can you rely on adapalene? Read on to find out.

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Adapalene is a topical skincare gel that is being marketed for its acne clearing qualities. Recently using adapalene for anti-aging effects is rapidly becoming popular. This product promises to reduce the severity and number of pimples, acne, or facial marks that develop as one’s age. Most people find it easy to trust adapalene because it is a member of the retinoids medication family. Over the years, retinoids have made a name for themselves in the skincare world for efficiently tackling lots of skincare issues.

Adapalene affects cell growth. It also decreases the cell’s inflammation and swelling. This retinoid medication is easily accessible. You can purchase it at your local pharmacy or over the counter. Doctors also prescribe this drug to their patients. Pregnant women are normally restricted from taking adapalene because of their nature of work. It works from the inside out, meaning that it penetrates the skin, and this might affect the unborn child. This article explores more of adapalene. As we proceed, you get to find out how to use this medication properly, what to expect, its side effects, and precautions.

How To Use Adapalene For Anti Aging

Buying a skin product is one thing, it’s another thing to be able to apply it well. Most times, these products need to be in a certain way for their optimal benefits to be a harness.

A pack of adapalene comes with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it. You can ask the pharmacist for assistance if you have questions. If it was your doctor who prescribed this medication, then make sure to follow the given directions.

You can take this medication once a day before bedtime. Before using, the skin should be clean with a soapless or mild cleanser and dried.

Apply moisturizer. You can use lotion, cream or gel wash both hands after and before application. Make use of your fingertips for application. You can also use a medicated swab.

This medication is to be used only on the skin. Handle it with care to prevent it from entering your lips or eyes. Do not use inside your mouth or inner lip. If adapalene gets into your eyes, wash it out immediately with water. If your eyes get irritated, consult a doctor. Do not use this medication on sunburned, scraped or cut area or even to portion of the skin with eczema.

However, don’t be surprised if your acne becomes worse within the first few days or weeks or applying this. The reason why this may happen is that adapalene works from the inside out, it begins firsts to tackle the inner pimple and, this may take up eight to twelve weeks before there will be noticeable results.

To get the optimal benefit of this product uses it regularly. You can set aside a particular time daily for applying it so as not to forget. Apply small amounts and follow given instructions. This will reduce the risk of getting any side effects like peeling, pain, or redness.

This medication comes in different forms, it can be used as a cream, lotion, or gel. Your skin condition will determine which is best for your use. Carry your doctor along with your adapalene journey, report if the condition gets worse or better.

Since adapalene is absorbed into the skin, it would be better if pregnant women do not use it.

Side Effects

A brief stinging or warmth sensation may be felt after using this medication. Skin dryness, redness, mild burning, acne worsening, scaling or itching may also occur within the first two to four weeks of use. As you continue using the medication, most of these effects will eventually decrease or subside.

If you notice that these effects are worsening report back to your pharmacist or doctor immediately. You might be told to discontinue use or reduce the frequency of use.

Doctors would only prescribe this medication to their patients after weighing the side effects to benefits and seeing that the benefits are more. So be rest assured that you are in safe hands, that is if your doctor prescribed it to you. However, the side effects of adapalene are often not severe.

Immediately report to your doctor if you notice the following side effects: irritated/red skin, eye redness, eyelid swelling, eye-watering, skin discoloration, serious burning sensation.

It is rare for anyone using adapalene to have a severe allergic reaction. But get immediate medical help if you experience severe dizziness, swelling/itching, harsh allergic reaction, trouble breathing.

There may be other side effects that are not mentioned here so if you observe anything out of the ordinary it is safe to contact your pharmacist or doctor as soon as you can.


Let your pharmacist or doctor know if you might be or are allergic to adapalene or drugs related to vitamin A. this medication may contain some inactive ingredients that lead to allergic reactions. Discuss this with your doctor.

Your sensitivity to the sun might increase upon using this medication. Limit your exposure to the sun. Avoid sunlamps and tanning booths. Extreme weather like cold or wind may irritate the skin. When going outdoors wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen daily. If you get skin redness/blisters or sunburns report to your doctor. Your skin must have recovered fully after the sunburn or reaction before you continue to use it.

Avoid waxing, using chemical depilatories and electrolysis while on this medication. If you recently used products that contain resorcinol, salicylic acid or sulfur apply adapalene cautiously.

Whether you use adapalene for anti-aging or just for a specific skin issue, it works in the same manner. Just ensure that you are applying it appropriately and carrying professional help along.

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