114 H Pill On Elderly Patients: Dosage Guide And Precautions

114 H pill is a medication used for musculoskeletal problems. There are dosage guide and precautions that must be taken when dealing with this drug. We will be taking a look at them here.

114 H Pill

When it comes to taking drugs and pills, there are three different categories that you must be careful about when it comes to giving the medication and how much you give. The first group is children, then the pregnant and then the elderly. All these people are in states that require extra attention when it comes to giving drugs. For today we will not be concentrating on all three, but we will just be taking a look at giving 114 H pills to the elderly. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions and also a dosage guide for this medication.

114 H pill is known as methocarbamol 500mg. It’s called 114 H pill because it has 114 H imprinted on the medication. It comes in the shape of a capsule and the company that supplies it is Camber Pharmaceuticals. Different conditions use this medication as a treatment option. Some of the conditions are tetanus and muscle spasm. And it belongs to the group of drugs known to ask skeletal muscle relaxants. Different risks come with this medication so you have to be a bit careful when it comes to the administration of this medication.

Things You Should Know About 114 H Pill

This medication is a muscle relaxant, and it can be used together with other medications. And it is known to help provide relief when it comes to painful symptoms that have to do with musculoskeletal problems. The exact mechanism of action of this drug isn’t fully understood. But one thing that is known is that it doesn’t have a direct effect on the muscles in the body. One assumed means of its action is blocking nerve impulses that transmit the pain signal to the brain.

Apart from the fact that it is used for muscle spasms, it can also be used as a third-line agent for chronic back pain. It is available in oral and injection form.

It is not one medication when someone has musculoskeletal problems. It is given when the other options are not effective.

There are some tips that you should bear in mind when taking 114 H pill.

  • This medicine should not be taken with alcohol
  • It can be taken, with or without food
  • Do not be taken in combination with other medications especially over the counter medications
  • This medicine can cause falls, so try as much as you can to remove objects in your home that can cause fall
  • When taking this medication to avoid driving as drowsiness can be a side effect of the medication
  • Talk to your doctor if after using it you experience some symptoms that seem like adverse effects of the medication

It would take about 30 minutes for this drug to become effective in the body. And all its full effects are experienced within two hours. This medication acts for a short time and is taken for about 3-4 times a day.

Dosage Guide

If you’re using it for muscle spasm, the initial dose is about 1500mg taken orally four times in a day. And for the maintenance dose, it’s just 500-1000mg taken orally four times in a day.

For tetanus, the initial dose should be around 1-2g IV then another 1-2g infusion. For the initial dose, it shouldn’t be more than 3g. The initial dose should be given every 6 hours until the oral formulation is allowed for the patient.

When it comes to elderly patients, the dosage is very important. And that’s because many elderly patients have different health conditions. And it would be harmful to keep supplying the body with a normal dose of the medication when an organ might be failing. So when it comes to elderly patients, the first thing is to ensure that there are no problems with the kidney and liver.

If the patient has a kidney problem, this medication isn’t advisable, as it could cause complete shutting down of the kidneys. For liver problems, the dosage can be adjusted. But even at this, it would be at the doctor’s discretion as to what to give the patient.


There are certain precautions when it comes to taking a 114 H pill. There are contraindications of the medication. This medication is known to cause hypersensitivity reactions in some patients. And this, if not quickly identified and taken care of, can be quite serious. Also, some people have had renal problems because of the injection form of this medication. So extra care is needed when taking this medication.

For patients below 16 years, the efficacy and safety of this oral medication, have not been established. Also, for patients younger than 18, the safety of the medication for tetanus is not yet established.

When it comes to elderly patients, you have to make sure that the doctor prescribes the medication. After the doctor approves that it is safe, then you can use the medication. Also, for the elderly, don’t use the drug beyond the stipulated dose and time. That can be very dangerous for the organs in the body. So to avoid any problem or side effects that might come with this medication, the best thing is to follow the doctor’s order strictly.

If you have any questions about the drug that was not answered, then your doctor would be in the best position to answer you. Make sure you get clarity and certainty before opting for any medication at old age. It would reduce the chances of you having certain problems.

That’s about it for the precautions and dosage guidelines for the 114 H pill. We hope with this you now have a better understanding as to what this medication can do. And also things you have to be cautious about when it comes to taking this medication.

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